The 7th International Symposium on Algorithmic Game Theory

Patras Students


For Patras Students

1. All students are welcome to the banquet (welcome – reception), which   will be  held on September 29, whether they are  participants or not.

2. Local students can pay either 10 EUR or 20 EUR.

Every paying student will get a tag and will be able to use
all food services which are available to participants  in the
university during the event.
Those who pay 20 EUR are also invited to the restaurant dinner

for the participants, to be held on the evening of Wednesday, October 1. They will also receive the Springer

book of the conference.

(The value of the dinner itself exceeds significantly the additional 10 EUR. Actually, the value exceeds 20 EUR).

3. The payment can be done via the electronic registration or by cash. However, it is better that a student registers   before the conference begins.

If a student does not wish to pay or do not wish to pay yet he/she can use the option “ will be handled at the conference” at the “Registration fee Transfer” option.

If a student wish to pay then the option for doing it is on “Are you a student?”, when he/she can choose either “Yes- I’m a Patras student (10)” or  “Yes- I’m a Patras student (20)”.